10 Feb 2015

The Story of Pete: Loon Warriors

It is the year 2015.  eGassem Corporation is taking huge steps in integrating more and more people in the company’s digital systems. People in most of the countries enjoy the easy access to essential services. Lots of all fun you can think of is offered by eGassem; music, movies, chatting, photo sharing and meeting new people. eGassem Corporation is happy, but not satisfied. It wants more.
Something strange happens during a rock festival that Pete is attending. The young man meets a lady, who seems to know him. He feels strong closeness with this Victorian dressed woman, but he does not know who she is. And why is it so obvious that she is coming from some alternate dimension, from another world.
He would think that it all was just a dream, but she felt like flesh and blood. So Pete starts to find out who Ylva Uunilintu is and what does she mean to his life.
Pete’s path to the unknown takes him from the ancient cave people’s matriarchy, the clan of The Wolf Tamers to medieval King’s era and to Victorian steampunk manor and further to the cyberpunk survival camp in the year 2035.
On his way he learns about the secret of the six coded amber stones. The story tells about a flying fire that landed at an island where the Wolf Tamers were staying. It was about 3000 BC. When the fire ball left a stone was found from the left hand of a little girl called Ylva. The stone had some strange marks on it. When found, Ylva was standing quietly, waving her right hand and staring to the sky.
The keeper of the stone has a power of teleporting and time travel. So does Ylva and this is how Pete met her, for the first time. Or, was it the first time? Anyway,  the story has been kept secret, because the full meaning of it was unclear. But the story and the stone have been protected, by trusted guardians over all times.
Due to the thousands of years of studies and rumours, the guardians have understood, that there are altogether six stones in the world. And unfortunately, this information has been heard by eGassem Corporation too.
Current understanding is that the six coded amber stones would have an unlimited power to process and change any waves and signals in the world, such as light waves and energy. In the modern world, this would include also radio waves and digital signals. The owner of all the codes would have unlimited power in the world.
The company has started to hunt for the coded stones. With the code, eGassem could change any pieces of information as they wish; mess with bank services, spread false political propaganda – and ruin ordinary people’s lives. eGassem would divide and conquer other businesses and nations. And, this would mean unlimited richness for the owners of eGassem. 

Will eGassem succeed?
Or can the Loon Warriors protect the secret?
What is Pete’s role in here?
Who is Ylva, anyway?
Epilogue? That we shall see. But surely there will be many adventures between the prologue and epilogue.